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        Welcome to A-FLY Globle Elevator & Escalator Parts Limited

        Get All Your Right Parts!

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        Elevator Air Sterilizer and Escalator Handrail UV Sterilizer available now, welcome to contact us to get the best price.

        A-FLY, a professional elevator/escalator spare parts manufacturer & supplier , with headquarter located in Hong Kong , as well branch in Guangzhou. Taking “ Providing most cost-effective products " as the company core value,A-FLY had been supplying their products to more than 100 countries all over the world, covering Asia, America, Europe, Oceania, etc. A-FLY had been appointed as the long-term global supplier of OTIS / ThyssenKrupp elevator company's. With Passion , Honesty , Profession , Innovation , and cost saving at least 25% for you !  A-FLY is sincerely looking forward to serving you!

                                       MORE ORDERS,MORE DISCOUNT!!--INVERTER OR CONVERTER

                                       MORE ORDERS,MORE DISCOUNT!!--Escalator&Elevator Rollers

                                       MORE ORDERS,MORE DISCOUNT!!!------Wire Rope/Electric Cable

                                       GET SPARE PARTS FREE OF CHARGE 



                                       BUY ONE GET ONE


        Contact us:Come A-FLY,Get All Your Right Parts!

        A-FLY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED/A-FLY Global Elevator&Escalator Parts Limted 

        TEL: +86-20-34379130   FAX: +86-20-34379150    SKYPE NO.: GZAFLY666 or GZAFLY333

        Whatsapp no.: 86-18026299327

        Contact Person: Ms Lucky;Ms Coral;Mr. Mike


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        Last Modified : 2020 - 05 - 08
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